HIW-1 Horn In-Wall Speaker

The in-wall version of our HB-1 MK2, this is what you need if the spouse do not want any speakers on her floor! Can be ceiling mounted as well.

HSU Research is proud to introduce our first ever in-wall speaker, the HIW-1 Horn In-Wall speaker. Audio enthusiasts around the world are finally able to enjoy the benefits of our HB-1 MK2 horn bookshelf speakers (including the excellent damping properties of the woofer, and the powerful Neodymium magnet on the tweeter), all in a package that is virtually invisible and blends seamlessly with the walls and ceiling.

The HIW-1 has high efficiency and high power handling. It provides effortless dynamics to handle high definition audio programs and home theater.

The 6 1/2-inch woofers in the HIW-1 have excellent damping properties, which reproduce upper-bass frequencies with utmost accuracy. This is keeping with Dr. Hsu's tradition of designing transient-accurate subwoofers, and allows the HIW-1 to integrate seamlessly with any HSU Research subwoofer. The HIW-1 was designed specifically to work best in systems using subwoofers.

The combination of great sound quality, clean aesthetics, and low price make this speaker the ultimate when it comes to satisfying both the Self and the Spousal Acceptance Factor!


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In-Wall Spkr Qty: 4


In-Wall Spkr Qty: 6


Product At a Glance

Frequency response
60Hz – 20kHz +/- 2 dB
Sensitivity 92 dB / 1m / 2.83V in Half Space
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-250W RMS Per Channel
Woofer 612 Inch
Recommended Impedance setting 8 ohms
Dimensions 1512” H x 9” W x 334” D
Weight 5 lbs (each)
Warranty 7-years
Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.