CCB-8 Bookshelf Speaker

"For me, the most exciting introduction at RMAF was the Hsu Research CCB-8."

Brent Butterworth, Soundstage - Oct 2016


HSU Research is proud to introduce our first constant directivity coaxial loudspeaker. It combines the HB-1's excellent micro dynamics with the added advantages of a point source - no lobing, smooth response vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and even greater sensitivity and higher power handling.

As a point source, it's perfect as a center channel with no lobbing even when you sit off center. Simply lay it on it's side.  

The woofer pole piece and cone acts as the constant directivity horn for the tweeter mounted behind the woofer magnet. Additionally, the crossover design takes into account the acoustic center differences between the woofer and tweeter. No matter where you sit or stand, you are always equi distant from the woofer and tweeter.  


Industry Reviews

"For me, the most exciting introduction at RMAF was the Hsu Research CCB-8, a new stand mounted speaker that works for stereo or for any channel of a home-theater system."

Brent Butterworth, Soundstage October 2016


"The new CCB-8 speakers were a real treat to listen to, sounding very clean and balanced as you move around the room."

Cynthia Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, October 2016


Customer Testimonials

"I was fortunate to hear the new CCB-8 speakers at RMAF and IMHO they absolutely stole the show. It was the only room I returned to, because I couldn't believe how good they sounded. I wasn't alone. Several others also returned to the room for the last 20 minutes of Friday, and everyone was raving about the sound. I've auditioned a lot of speakers, and I can say these sounded better than any $2,000 bookshelf speaker I've heard -- and at less than half that price. The sound was incredibly musical, with lots of dynamic range, detail, and imaging. I really don't need another pair of speakers, but I am very anxiously awaiting their launch, because I can't wait to get pair."

Webster, Hsu Forum


"I listened to a lot of speakers at RMAF 2016. To be honest, I was not really that impressed with any of them until I came into your room and heard the new bookshelves. I was particularly impressed with two things: 1) the imaging and 2) the beauty of the music. That piece that you played of a choral and pipe organ piece in a large room (maybe a cathedral) was astonishingly realistic. You could close your eyes and almost be there in the room with the choir. Very impressive. Wonderful.

So many of the speakers at RMAF were very edgy, strident, harsh. My ears would get fatigued very quickly. When you attend a live acoustic performance whether a small group or a large symphony the sound is not strident. The strings are beautiful, not edgy. I believe Sandy Gross of Goldenear calls it "zingy." You, of course, know a lot more about speaker design than me, but I am not sure why your bookshelves are so much more musical than many of the other speakers on the market today. And to think that some of these speakers are over 80 times the price of yours!"

Dean, Colorado Springs


Satin Black (Each)


Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut (Each)


Satin Black (Pair)


Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut (Pair)


Product At a Glance

Frequency response
50Hz – 20kHz +/- 2 dB at 15 degrees off axis
Sensitivity 94 dB / 1m / 2.83V in Half Space
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-400 W RMS Per Channel
Woofer 8 Inch
Enclosure Type Vented ; 34” MDF
Recommended Impedance setting 8 ohms
Enclosure Dimensions 15” H x 10 12” W x 12” D
Dimensions with Grill 15” H x 10 12” W x 1212” D
Weight 22 lbs
Warranty 7-years
Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.


Owners Guide

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