VTF-2 MK 3 Subwoofer

"The VTF-2 MK3 subwoofer achieves the kind of bass home theater buffs crave"
Mark Fleischmann, Home Theater Magazine, March 2007

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The new VTF-2 MK3 is basically a slightly less powerful version of the VTF-3 Mk 2, and just like the VTF-3, with 250W, a 12 inch woofer, and maximum extension down to 18 Hz. It gives you unprecedented value for your money - VTF-3 performance for a VTF-2 price!

If history is any guide, your system will sound remarkably better with the VTF-2 MK3. Studio-quality bass has traditionally been out of reach for the masses. The VTF-2 MK3 changes that. Usually, the reactions are the same. Those new to subwoofers exclaim that the VTF-2 MK3 has reawakened their music collection with new layers of sound. Owners of lesser subwoofers remark that their featureless boom is replaced with tight, enjoyable notes and textures. Experienced listeners are surprised by the VTF-2 MK3's unbelievable bang for the buck.

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Harnessing the unique Variable Tuning Frequency port technology (VTF), each port uses the air generated from the long throw woofer to dramatically boost the deeper frequencies. Both ports are large, with enormous flares to virtually eliminate port noise and distortion. This kind of port design is extremely tricky to engineer, and the VTF-3 succeeds down to a very deep 18 Hz with one port open (in maximum extension mode).

The reason for variable tuning is that all subwoofer designs, especially consumer-level subwoofers, involve tradeoffs in design. You cannot have a small subwoofer that goes very low, plays very loud and costs very little. Traditionally, the engineer decides what tradeoff he or she thinks is best for the consumer. The consumer has to take it or leave it.

The VTF-3 changes all that. It allows you, the user, to choose the tradeoff. If you enjoy music that is loud but does not have much deep bass, set the VTF series for maximum output. That way, you get maximum dynamic range with the lowest distortion. If you like music with deep bass, set it for maximum bass extension to reproduce the deep bass accurately. You can even switch between the two modes depending on what you play. That means effectively you get a subwoofer that can play loudly, and can play low, all in one, at a reasonable price!

Industry Reviews

"The VTF-2 MK3 subwoofer achieves the kind of bass home theater buffs crave"

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— Mark Fleischmann, Home Theater Magazine, March 2007

The following reviews for the VTF-3 apply to the new VTF-2 MK3 (except they were for a $849 product, and it's now $549):

2003 Editor's Choice Gold Award Winner. Lowest priced subwoofer to receive a Class AAA rating by $1000!

— Stereophile Guide to Home Theater

"...VTF-3 is the current champ of the low-priced super subwoofer class."
Howard Ferstler, The Audiophile Voice, October 2002

"...in Maximum Output mode...the response stayed flat between 20 and 26 Hz, with no indication of a rolloff at 20 Hz, and less overall frequency-response variation from 20 to 100 Hz."
Robert Deutsch, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater December 2002

VTF-2 MK 3 At a Glance

Amp Power (RMS)
Frequency Response Bass extension +/- 1 dB(maxiumum extension mode)
18 Hz, +/- 1 dB
Frequency Response (maxiumum output mode)
25 Hz
Woofer Size
12 Inch
Bypassable 24 dB/Oct, continuously variable 30 - 90 Hz low pass filter
22"(h) X 15" (w) X 23" (d)
Ship Weight
80 Lbs
Outlet Power Requirement
300 W, 120/240V
7 Years on the woofer, 2 years on electronics

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