VTF-15H DualDrive Package

You can never have too many subwoofers - having two 15H will give you lower distortion and higher headroom, and better long term reliability because each sub needs only 1/4 the power to play as loudly as a single 15H.


VTF-15H DualDrive Package

HSU Research is proud to introduce the VTF-15H DualDrive, an ultra low distortion subwoofer system that has up to four times the output of a single VTF-15H – enough output to break windows and give you a physical massage. It will give you an airy, effortless bass with extreme dynamics.


Industry Reviews

"Despite the fact that these tracks contain some of the most intense low bass I've heard (as low as 16 Hz on "Symphony No. 3"), the VTF-15H coasted through them as easily as if they were solo flute recordings."

"Not only was the output incredible, the entertainment experience it delivered was singular."

"VTF-15H delivers absolutely everything they expected and probably even a bit more."

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— Brent Butterworth, Sound and Vision, February 2011


"If this sequence [Space Shuttle launch] on your present system doesn't induce panic about a subwoofer-generated-damage clause in your homeowner's insurance, you need a better sub. Like the Hsu."

"It's hard to visualize a subwoofer priced this low that needn't apologize for the quality of its bass, its low-end extension, or its setup flexibility."

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Thomas J. Norton, Home Theater Magazine, December 2011


Customer Testimonials

"Dr. Hsu, I just wanted to send a note praising your 15H subs. I purchased a pair recently and slid them into opposite corners. Without any tweeks, except gain, they proved to be excellent subs right out of the box. At first, the gain was too high and almost broke the glass in the adjacent French doors! These subs replaced a Revel B-15, which doesn't comeclose to the performance of one of the 15H's. At least for my difficult room, these subs provide all the bass I will ever need. Also, the rosenut finish closely matches the Salon's rosewood panels which made my wife happy. The styling and finish are beautiful. The only thing missing on the 15H's is a balanced input. I was afraid of picking up hum with unbalanced cables (as in the past) but the unbalanced cables I purchased from you are totally inert. The 15H's are as good as any other sub on the market. It would be foolish to spend thousands more on lesser quality subs."



"Worth every penny! These dual vtf 15s are the best purchase I've made for my home theater."



"I just wanted to stop by and voice my praises of this sub. It almost brought tears to my eyes when I first set it up. I had it cranked too loud, but just trying it out prior to using audysey to re-setup my system, it sounded amazing! The base was incredibly. After talking much with tech support I have this bad boy dialed in and it is just amazing! If I had a way to move the sub ummediately next to the viewing area I am sure I would be blown away. Where it is now is still amazing."



"I just wanted to thank Dr. Hsu and Hsu Research for the subwoofer demo and advice on which model to buy. I finally have the VTF-15H up and running in my house. It is incredible! I now realize what I've been missing on the low end of the frequency spectrum. I was particularly shocked at what I could hear from it even at lower listening volumes.

A magnificient sub and an incredible value."



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