ULS-15 QuadDrive

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What you get:

  • 4 Individual ULS-15 Subwoofers

  • HSU Research is proud to introduce the ULS-15 QuadDrive, an ultra low distortion subwoofer system that extends down to 10 Hz in most rooms and provides up to 16 times the output of a single ULS-15. Besides outstanding performance, it is the most spouse friendly subwoofer system we've ever offered, with wireless connection, beautiful finish, and compact size.

    It is the first high end subwoofer system with wireless connection. Wireless makes it so much easier to optimally place the subwoofers without ugly wires or the high cost of running in-wall wires to the optimal locations. This is even more so for setups that have the four subs in the middle of four walls.

    For the truly high end folks, you can also run balanced signal to the subwoofers. The ultra low distortion, super deep bass extension, balanced inputs and ultra high output of the QuadDrive make it ideally suitable for recording studios.

    The ULS-15 QuadDrive is four ULS-15s, at a bargain price. When you have four, you get up to 12 dB (16 times) more output than a single ULS-15. It is like having a vastly larger sub but easier to ship and move around, with unparalleled placement flexibility.

    The ULS-15 QuadDrive features woofers with patented super linear motors. The motor force is linear within 2% over an ultra wide +/- 20 mm. In contrast, most woofers with Xmax of +/- 30 mm will have the motor force within 2% over 5 mm or less. They also have butyl rubber foam surrounds. Butyl rubber foam has the longevity of solid butyl rubber without the weight penalty. Triple shorting rings mean virtually non-existent flux modulation distortion.

    Industry Reviews

    "Bass was noticeably deeper, faster and with substantially more impact. "
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    Larry Cox, Positive-feedback.com, Issue44, July/Aug 2009

    "The ULS-15 is the latest in a long line of excellent subwoofers from Hsu Research. It produces low frequency output, with superb transient response. I’d particularly recommend it for anyone using a sub in a critical music listening environment, and would not hesitate to put one into my home recording rig."

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    Ross Jones, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, November 2008

    "Simply amazing! The 15 inch subwoofer packs a huge punch. The sound is clear and undistorted."
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    Ara Derderian, 2008 podcast #304 htguys.com, August 2008

Satin Black (Discontinued)

Real Wood Veneer, Rosenut (Discontinued)

ULS-15 QuadDrive At a Glance

Total Amplifier Power (RMS)
4000W short term
Bass Extension
15 Hz - 1 dB
15 Inches X 4
Bypassable 24 dB/Oct, continuously variable 30 - 90 Hz low pass filter
Inputs (Each)
Balanced XLR (2), line level (2), wireless (2), speaker level (2)
Total Power Outlet Requirement
2400W continuous, 4800W short term
Ship Weight
93 lbs x 4
Dimensions (Each)
18.875"(h) x 18"(w) x19.25"(d) 20.25" (d)with grille
7-years on the subwoofer, 2-years on electronics
ULF Trim
16 - 50 Hz
Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.

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