STF-1 Subwoofer

"Sensational sub"
Sensible Sound

The STF-1 is our most budget sensitive subwoofer to date, but that doesn't mean its a push-over. It has a high-headroom amplifier and accurate driver that exceeded the expectations of even Dr. Hsu. The narrow enclosure hides easily in a corner or behind a couch. This subwoofer represents our biggest bang for the buck. It's the easiest way to own a HSU "true subwoofer."

STF-1 Frequency Response Curve

Freq Response Curve with 1 Port Open, EQ1


CEA 2010 Measurements (1 Meter, Peak)


Tone Burst Center Frequency (Hz) Maximum SPL CEA 2010 Rating
20   105.9
25 101.3
31.5 110.4
40 113.1 113.9
50 113.7
63 114.8
80 115.6


Industry Reviews

"Sensational sub...31.5 Hz...106dB....easily surpassed the $500 NHT well as the $600 Velodyne CT-120...and was superior to a $500 Axiom EP-175...had no trouble eclipsing the performance of the pint-sized, $995 Sunfire True Sub Super Junior..."

Howard Ferstler, Sensible Sound (Sept/Oct 2004)


"Hsu's STF-1 is one impressive little subwoofer. It went plenty low for true home theater action, with meaningful volume all the way down to 25 Hz — a lot more than I expected. It wasn't boomy yet had me running for cover during the scene in The Italian Job when the armored truck blows through the pavement."

Daniel Kumin, Sound & Vision (Oct 2004)


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"The Hsu Research STF-1 is one hell of a $299 subwoofer...the STF-1's robustly deep bass power was impressive, and it was capable of dishing out low-frequency effects like a much larger subwoofer."

Steve Guttenberg, CNET (April 2004)


"The STF-1 is a total overachiever. It produced louder, cleaner, deeper bass than something this small and inexpensive has any right to."

Jeff Van Dyne, Home Theater Sound (July 2004)


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Product At a Glance

Amplifier Power (RMS) 600 W Short Term, 150 W Continuous
Frequency Response 32-140 Hz, +/- 2 dB
Woofer Down Firing 8 Inch
Crossover 30 - 90 Hz, Bypassable
Crossover Slope 24 dB/Oct
Phase 0°/180°
Inputs Line Level (1), Speaker Level (2)
Power Outlet Requirement 180W, 120/240V
Enclosure Dimensions 17" H x 11" W x 15" D
Dimensions with Feet & Amp 19" H x 11" W x 15 34" D
Weight 30 lbs
Warranty 7-years on Woofer, 2-years on Electronics
Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.


Owners Guide

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